Coloring Page Wrapping Paper

Around Thanksgiving, many of us are both counting our blessings and casting around for good gift ideas. When it comes to gifts for children, I favor experiences over items; and prefer books, art/craft supplies, and learning materials over plastic toys. For me, gift-giving is also a form of practicing gratitude, because I am reminded me how blessed I am to have each recipient in my life.

As many of my Instagram followers know, I do a lot of coloring (for an adult) and started to accumulate a stack of completed pages. I like some of them enough to hang on my fridge or give away in letters and cards but most were just kinda collecting dust (well, as much as they could in a tote bag), until recently, when I realized the potential to make really fun and unique wrapping paper.

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My simple process is as follows:

  • Choose which coloring pages to use for gift-wrapping paper.
  • Cut out the colored items and paste them onto large sheets of construction paper.
  • For larger gifts, tape multiple sheets of construction paper together, and for smaller ones continue wrapping as you would with regular paper.

If you would like to see more photos from this little crafty project, please head over to my Instagram page.

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