February/March in Gratitude

I have so much to be grateful for this year but the best thing – thus far – has been being granted a spot in the Spring Session of AWP’s Writer to Writer Mentorship program and getting to work with my mentor, Sandy Coomer, who is an amazing artist and writer.

I applied to the program with my usual split-thinking decision making process:

  • Positive-Thinking-Me felt that I was ready to devote myself to my poetry for a season and that this program would be the perfect way to help me make my way into a writing career.
  • Negative-Thinking-Me felt sure the committee wouldn’t even consider a first time applicant and I would have to keep applying to prove that I really wanted it (“and than the timing probably won’t align…” chimed in Extremely-Negative-Thinking-Me).

So I was happily shocked when – out of 400 applicants – I was chosen, along with 25 others, and paired with a wonderful mentor!

Sandy’s encouragement, feedback, and guidance have already helped me accomplish a “first” which is to have an entire first draft of a poetry manuscript which, for me, is HUGE!

I am learning more and more that I live my life best when I “put the art first” and I recently came to realize that in order to truly do this, I must also “put the artist” first. Gifting myself acts of self-care – mostly in the form of yoga, long walks in beautiful natural settings, & coloring – has been a source of much gratitude for me this month.

What about you? What are you grateful for? How do you like to shower yourself with care? 🙂

Gorgeous view from one of my walks in the Hillcrest area of SD.

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