Intro to Gratitude

Tonight, at the intersection of the years 2016 and 2017, I am grateful. For the ordinary: friends & family, food & water, shelter & clothes, work & transport, but also for the extraordinary that accompanies – and occasionally eclipses – ordinary moments. Some highlights of this passing year’s blessings include:

  • As a writer who currently makes her income from childcare, I am writing most of this post from a cozy sofa while holding a super sweet (and super strong!) baby who I’ll dub “Princess Pea” – which, for those not familiar with the story, means that if I put her down (or you know, shift my weight, uncross my legs, or make any other unauthorized move) she will instantly notice and demand retribution in the form of coos, kisses, & cuddles. I love what I do to make a living.❤️
  • Moving from Chicago to San Diego was a big and bold move on my part and 1) I LOVE it here! 2) I am moving into a new apartment THIS week! 3) I am so blessed with supportive family members here and back home. As my one year move anniversary approaches, I am particularly grateful to my sassy cousin who welcomed me wholeheartedly into her home and life. She is all heart, no nonsense, and a kindred spirit in many ways.💚
  • This past year was my first time hiking a mountain and it was incredible! My brother and I spontaneously decided to hike Angel’s Landing on our visit to Zion National Park and it was one of the most difficult and absolutely rewarding things I have ever done. I can’t tell you how many times since then, I have felt like giving up on something and then thought to myself, “I made it to all the way up to Angel’s Landing; surely I can get through this.” Because my brother and I are both into Bollywood dance, we got the notion to perform a snippet of choreo on our descent from Angel’s Landing and when we climbed our second mountain of the year (Cowles) we danced atop it too.❤️
  • Before I left Chicago, I had an amazing farewell party with my dance friends and also experienced one of Bernie Sanders packed rallies (this one was held at Chicago State University, right after the school announced it may be forced to close down). The privilege of knowing such incredible people – in art and political circles – is one I am exceedingly grateful for. It was an absolute privilege to vote in the primaries for a politician with a heart for people and I am so thankful I was able to campaign door to door for Bernie in San Diego.💚
  • I really put myself out there on the dating scene this past summer and in addition to meeting some great guys (none of whom were a good longterm fit), I got to see a great many of San Diego’s top spots. Naturally, there was some heartaches and a few missteps in the process but also fun and newfound focus. I now know better what I want (and don’t want) and how I want to pursue it. Whether in dating, writing, or any other pursuit or passion, I am learning that letting go of perfectionism increases productivity and allows me to take joy in my journey.❤️

I am a driven individual both by nature (and nurture), but I have always struggled with the practicality of achieving my dreams. This past year, I really got a handle on that and have put in the work to start turning my ideas into realities, by accepting three truths: 1) I can’t do it all by myself. 2) I can’t do it all right now. 3) I can’t do it all perfectly! 

For 2017, I am renewing my daily gratitude journal practice and committing to sharing at least one item from it to my social media platforms and/or blog each day. Please join me in whichever way best suits you – whether it be in person, in a private print journal, via a public/online forum or just a comment on an existing post. For consistency, commitment, (and also just for the fun of it), I’ll be utilizing the following hashtags:

  • #365Thankful
  • #GreatFullLife365
  • #GratitudeForDays
  • #GratefulLife
  • #GreatFullLife


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