January in Gratitude…

I am keeping my #365Thankful gratitude challenge posts simple. This one, and those to follow, will primarily be in the form of selected photos from each month’s social media posts. So, for this month:

It was a blessing to participate in one of the protests against #45’s unconstitutional executive orders at San Diego International Airport earlier this month.


Thankful to see ACLU taking trump to task and the judicial branch of our government lay down the law!


Ann Voskamp’s appeal for refugees is especially important as #45 pulled support largely from a Christian base. May God soften their hearts…


Privileged to hear Pam Munoz-Ryan speak about her writing practice with all its challenges and rewards at the January SCBWI meeting.


Great crowd at this month’s SCBWI chapter meeting.


Speaking of children’s books, I found these adorable and simple finger puppet books found at Aldi.💚


Southern California is making up for the years of drought. This glorious green field is in Chula Vista.


It pretty much made my month to spot this double rainbow in Chula Vista.


More views of the rainbow we saw in CV. 🙂


One of my favorite IG posts this month. A simple reminder to myself that it is very easy to brighten another’s day. 🙂

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