Self-Care Summary

I am keeping this post simple and just sharing a few reoccurring self-care themes that came up for me as I reviewed this past month’s social media posts. I’d also like to encourage artist activists to check out this post on self-care by Mirah Curzer and see what of it might connect with you.

Childcare & Caring Children

I make my living providing childcare. More than once this month, I was blessed to experience little acts of caregiving and kindness from the children that I care for, and it was really quite touching. (Above: Baby trying to feed me her bottle. Below: Toddler helping me zip up to stay warm.)

Cat Cuddles & Cookie Packages

Reflecting on how others care for and about me has been a healthy and helpful practice for me thus far and is actually part of my self-care plan.

My cousin is a total sweetheart and lets me borrow her cat (pictured below, giving me a hug) and let me tell you – unless you are allergic – cat cuddles are great self-care therapy! As soon as she (the cousin, not the cat) takes off for college, she can count on me for a care package of gratitude!

And speaking of care packages, my mother sent me these cookies (see below) for Christmas/New Year which was super sweet (pun, sadly, intended) of her.

Choosing Self-Care

It isn’t always easy to choose self-care over other things. Many times this past month, I haven’t. I’ve overcommitted myself with work, chosen social media engagement over more restorative activities, and skipped my daily yoga practice in favor of “getting things done.”


But one Sunday mid-January, I let my tiny sink sit full of dirty dishes and took myself to see “Hidden Figures” and afterwards went on a cousin date. The film was really incredible: uplifting, inspiring, and educational and gave me such hope for the ongoing civil and human rights battles that loom ahead.

As we move into February, I challenge you (as I challenge me) to plan at least one hour a week to do something that gives back to your spirit, feeds your soul, and gives you hope for the future.💚

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