Self-Care as a Way of Life

An apple a day has NOT kept the doctor away!

I have been sick (cold/cough/ear infection/cold/cough/allergies – pretty much rinse & repeat) for weeks, so my self-care focus this past month has been lots of sleep, long walks, and a little gentle yoga.

On one of the days that I was feeling better, I asked myself what would help me to look back on my life – years from now – and feel that I lived and enjoyed it fully? Larger concepts like volunteering, friendships, art creation, and movement came up for me. Within the idea of movement, I realized that I am SO much happier on days when I practice yoga, go for a walk, and dance; so I made it a goal to include these daily.

I quickly found that this was back-firing a bit for me; I started to feel even sadder on days when I did not achieve my goal. To avoid falling into this negative thinking pattern, I added a Part B so that now my aim is to a) give myself the gift of dancing, walking, and practicing yoga each day and b) give myself grace, freedom, and permission (not shame, guilt, or pressure) to be A-OK on days when Part A doesn’t happen. Sort of a positive catch-22 that is (mostly) working!

Babies are naturally body positive.❤

I’ve also been following the Body Positive movement recently and really admire the courage of participants and leaders of the message to really embrace life and hold love for themselves right where they are right now – not basing it on some distant dream or future weight loss or other goal.

A few of the BoPo Instagram challenges really resonated with me and – while I have not participated in one myself – I am trying to be a little more conscious of when I hesitate to post a photo or video that could be uplifting for others, but doesn’t cast me in a flattering light.

One of my artistic goals is to learn to play piano, and I actually put in a bit of practice while caring for this little Sweet Pea. We managed to get through “Ode to Joy” together, while I was recording, but upon reviewing our cute video I balked at the idea of actually posting the footage because:

  1. I decided it was NOT my “best” angle.
  2. I got self-conscious that I wasn’t wearing makeup.
  3. I felt embarrassed that I’d made mistakes.

Ultimately, I chose to post it as a purposeful baby step (see what I did there?) in the right direction of self-love and acceptance and I am glad that I did. 🙂

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